Privacy Policy

Who collects your data?

UIUX Awards, a global website design competition site with a management office located at SCO 106, Top floor, Sector 40C, Chandigarh (India) and data servers located in Los Angeles, USA.

What data does UIUX Awards collect?

We collect website submission data that includes:

  • The title of the website/s you are submitting
  • The URL of the submitted website/s
  • A description of the website/s submitted
  • The category that best matches the website/s submitted
  • Tags relating to the website/s submitted
  • Screenshots of the website/s submitted
  • The designer's name
  • The designer's URL
  • The designer's email address
  • The designer's Twitter handle e.g. @yourname
  • The designer's country
  • Collaborators that helped the designer build the website/s submitted
  • Your Agency Name, Description, URL, Social Links

How does UIUX Awards collect your data?

UIUX Awards collects your data when you submit a website via our submission page and via the contact forms on our website. All data is provided by you voluntarily, however in rare cases we may collect your data directly due to inaccurate information submitted or for complimentary inclusion to our inspiration gallery pages.

Does UIUX Awards share your data with any third parties?

Your website submission data will only be shared among UIUX Awards employees, judges and collaborators that assist us in building new showcase sites such as our Website of the Year showcase and related promotional platforms. In addition to this, UIUX Awards will share your data within emails sent to you via email hosting companies when notice of nominations, awards or important related notices are required. Your data will not be sold, marketed, exchanged, transferred or passed on to any other company for any reason whatsoever, without your consent, other than for the express purpose of promoting of the websites/mobile apps you have submitted.

How will your data be used?

UIUX Awards will use the data you provide to:

  • Enter your submitted websites/mobile apps into our website award competition and inspiration gallery
  • Promote and showcase your work to the public
  • Facilitate judging by our expert judges

All data is published on Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and payments processed paid via PayPal or Stripe. We do not collect or store personal information, credit card details, account details or any other data other than the above-mentioned website/mobile app submission data.

Online SL as the Party Responsible of Data Handling, will handle your personal data for the following purposes:

  1. Manage your registration as Platform user, to identify you and give you access to Services available for registered Platform users.
  2. Contacting you through email regarding updates or information related to features, products or services and updates, as long as they are needed or reasonable.
  3. Respond to any request or inquiry you make through the customer service channels available at our Platform.
  4. We also use your information to generate aggregated nonidentifying data. For instance, generate statistics regarding our users, their jobs or areas of expertise, number of impressions or clicks in a specific project or visitor demographics.

How long will UIUX Awards store the data?

UIUX Awards is a continual archive therefore your website submission data will be stored until consent is revoked.

Does UIUX Awards store children's data?

No. UIUX Awards is focussed solely on website submission data that pertains to professional designers and agencies.

Data Protection Rights

As the Party Responsible for Data Handling, we are committed to respecting the confidential nature of your personal data and guaranteeing the full exercise of these rights. At all times, you will have the following rights:

  1. Right to access. You have the right to confirm whether we are handling your personal data and, if we are, you have the right to obtain a copy of such data and information regarding the handling.
  2. Right to amend. You have the right to correct errors, modify incomplete or wrong data and guarantee the authenticity of the information that is being handled.
  3. Right to delete. You have the right to request the deletion of your data without undue delay, if it were being handled wrongfully or if the end to which it was handled or collected has ceased to exist.
  4. Right to limitation of handling. You have the right to request that the suspension of the handling of your information if it is illegal or the accuracy of the data has been contested.
  5. Right to oppose. You have the right to oppose to the handling of your data when it has been used for purposes of direct marketing or when the handling must be terminated due to a personal situation, except when there is legitimate interest or it is necessary for the exercise or defense of claims.
  6. Right not to be subjected to personalized decisions. You have the right of not being subjected to a decision based solely on the automatic handling of your data, including profiling, with binding legal effects or which affects you, except when necessary for the execution of an agreement, as permitted by the law or if you have expressly authorized it.
  7. In order to exercise these rights, please send an email to: indicating your (i) identity, by sharing your full name and email address used to register or make a purchase, an ID to establish your identity, and (ii) the right or rights you're exercising. You may also visit the agency overseeing the protection of data in your country to file a claim or request the protection of your rights, if deemed necessary. The exercise of such rights is free, except when requests are deliberately unfounded or excessive, in which case the individual will be required to bear the processing costs.

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How to contact UIUX Awards about submission data and our privacy policy?

Please contact us via the contact form on this website.

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