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Posted By: Prince Pal | Posted Date: 29 July, 2022

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Like an inseparable couple (rider & cycle), UX and UI seem to merge into an undifferentiated unit in the perception of many. They are usually only mentioned collectively and thus seem difficult to distinguish from one another. The two disciplines are actually more in a mother-daughter relationship.

In the following, I would like to explain to you why the two need each other but are still independent complexes.


An Easy Explanation of UX (User Experience) By Think 360 Studio from Think 360 Studio


Importance of UI/UX design

The primary goal of any business is to increase its sales and increase the growth of the business. UX/UI Design plays an essential role in achieving this goal. The UX/UI Design of the application improves the user experience and customer satisfaction that ultimately helps increase the number of users of the specific application.

With users having lots of choices and alternatives for the products and/ or services you are offering them, the span of time you get to grab the attention of your users is quite less and you have to hit the bullseye in this short span of time.

The UI and UX Design help to win the consumers’ confidence and make them use your application or website providing them what they are looking for. The number of consumers you are getting on your website/application can measure the success of the great UI and UX.

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